Circles Shattered and Reforged

Across the World

In Other Places, Other People Do Other Things Otherwise...

  • So Dusk finds out through his information network that the city of Thorns was freed from the Mask of Winters, and journeys abroad to learn more.
  • It turns out that some enterprising Exalted pondered the idea that Juggernaut’s immortality was written into the stars, and if changing what was written could change that.
  • …turns out it’s super-effective!
  • Our heroes for this liberation effort are Askatu, a young Dawn with a great big sword and a deep-seated desire to use it; and Mint, a curious and rather disturbed—if quite chipper—woman with a terrifying grasp of sorcery.
  • Nhan seems to have been a part of this effort, actually, having struck with frankly terrifying puissance to bring down some of the Deathknights of Thorns’s guard.
  • Askatu seems to have been the one to knock the stars from the sky and duel the Mask himself upon the fallen frame of the Maker of Rubble. Mint was the one to conjure the demonic army that took the city, and the dragon that flew him above the clouds, and drove a Benediction of Archgenesis through the Mask and seemingly resolved at least one Deathlord forever.
  • You keep what you kill. Askatu seems to be regent over the city-state of Thorns now. Mint has no such rewards, but is content to be busy doing…something…outside the city.
  • Dusk meets with them both. Askatu really wishes he could walk away and find problems he could effectively solve by application of sword, but he doesn’t wanna leave the city in chaos. Meanwhile, again, Mint doesn’t give a damn.
  • Dusk offers to help Askatu with his problem.
  • Dusk heads back to Hatiq, and presents people with the option of helping out, and using it as a dry run for what they plan to do in Skullstone.
  • Motion carried. Pack into your Stormwind Riders, boys and girls, this is going to be a long trip.



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