Circles Shattered and Reforged

Bloody Monkey Business

Meet and Greet for the characters.


  • Akeva Shoram, Unari Proudfire, and Sparrowsteel meet at the camp of Guildswoman Teggah, learning that the route north is not desirable owing to demon attacks. The three idiots heroes decide to go that way anyway.
  • Inexorable Ruby Lion and Savant are hired by Borin (via his translator/diplomatic aide, Zephyr) of Kaet’s Landing to travel north, hunt down the demons that murdered his brother, and kill them very dead.
  • The two end up on the same stretch of road at the same time, encountering Erymanthoi who tear apart Lion and Savant’s coachman. The demons are promptly murdered themselves, but one is a Very Strange Demon Indeed who is implanted with strange technology. He is destroyed by an unknown remote source.
  • This source ends up being a dig site. Other demons and men are there, but they have all been recently killed.
  • The perpetrator of THIS is one Sajira, who is bearing a load of parts from the dig site along with a couple surviving human workers. Savant and Blasphemy kill the humans just as he steps through to Malfeas.



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