Circles Shattered and Reforged

Coming to an Arrangement

Enter timeskip the next!

  • Athyfer tries very hard to recruit. And it’s not very hard to get people falling in line behind him. Between his innate charisma, his forthright—if simultaneously self-aggrandizing—desire to help, and his ability to play to what most of the locals—and the city itself—want, he doesn’t even need to use charms.
  • This doesn’t stop him, though; he lays on the Essence thick. With severe misgivings regarding his methods, the Circle acts to undermine, playing to domestic loyalty and pride in their own city, convincing them to stay.
  • Athyfer ends up talking to Lyim for a while, and the two do debate…but ultimately, Athyfer announces a lack of real importance to the matter and lets the PC’s do it their way, leaving fairly abruptly. If it were really important, after all, he wouldn’t let the Hatiqi people even be capable of saying no.
  • The circle then proceeds to go about their business. They arrange for the transport of some of the Autochthonian populat to Vista’s coccoon, and cycle them out fairly regularly.

This will suffice, for now. As of this writing, Vista has hatched, but we’ll get to that later. In the meantime, some other things to catch up on…



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