Circles Shattered and Reforged

Gentlemen, We Can Save Her

We Have The Charm Technology

  • The Exalts decline to finish off the apostate, despite the urgings of Athyfer and his crew.
  • Athyfer, for his part, is terribly glad to see everyone, but talks to Sparrow privately—she needs to convince him that she can fix this broken Alchemical and make her work again.
  • Meanwhile, Unari goes up to see how the Alchemicals are doing. They’re holding steady, but the Bull has arrived with his forces. They’re making some progress against the swarm, but there’s just so many, and this pit remains…
  • Vista sends Arc and Spear down with Unari; she needs to talk to the Bull regarding something.
  • We won’t go over Sparrow and Athyfer’s conversation here. Suffice to say that he was convinced; when they returned to the others his anima was blazing, and he gave her use of the Imperative’s sick bay in which to do her work. Unari goes with her, along with the favor of the Dice Roller Gods.
  • No, seriously, it was obscene how well she rolled.
  • Sparrow starts by removing the obviously tainted charms. They can’t be cured; it’s intrinsic to their function that they reinforce her infected state.
  • She continues by stripping out the less obviously tainted charms. They’re just as Blight-a-riffic.
  • Over the course of hours, she strips away everything she can’t save, until she’s left with a brain and a soulgem; an application of Order-Affirming Blow finally drives out the Blight, but there’s nothing left to heal back; something like a bismuth crystal with a diamond attached is all Sparrow has to show for her work.
  • Meanwhile, Athyfer takes the rest of the PC’s below decks as he takes his ship up into the skies of Creation for the first time in years, joining in the fray.
  • Akeva recognizes that the odds of the Bull surviving this are slim—still not good even with the help of the Imperative, and seizes command of the cannons.
  • He and Lyim also apparently bribed the dice roller gods.
  • It’s well into the night—closer to sunrise than sunset, and after a triumphant Sparrowsteel emerges from surgery—when the last few gremlins are struck down.
  • Landing, our heroes meet up with the Bull, and some posturing is engaged in, and it is learned that Vista has struck some deal with the Bull of the North, to protect this land and use any resources necessary to cleanse out the Blight from this land and the Autochthonian pit.
  • …Well, that’s just great, what does he get in retur—
  • Vista leaps into the pit, and suspends herself in midair by cable tethers from her feed and hands to the sides, and envelops herself in an Essence-enhancing chrysalis.
  • Oh.



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