Circles Shattered and Reforged

Going out with a bang

  • After intense discussion, the Exalted heroes decide that it’s inevitable that the Yozis will come after their newest champion.
  • Akeva realizes that her impervious shell means that the attackers could easily blow up the inn, swoop in with some agatae and abscond with the quiescent Infernal, and be gone.
  • This is unacceptable.
  • Unari flesh-sculpts a fake chrysalis, and with Sparrow’s help makes something that can kinda-smoke a bit.
  • With a decoy ready, Lion parts ways from the rest, with the real Maïe in tow, while the rest of the Circle take the fake one off and out of town with much show and pomp and circumstance.
  • A couple days later the Infernal investigation force arrives. A pair of thaumaturgical cultists search, and in time manage to discover the direction our heroes left in.
  • The two arrive, on a pair of Agatae with an Angyalka accompanying, and demand that Maïe be remanded to their custody.
  • Things get violent quickly, and messy shortly after that.
  • Meanwhile, up north, Lion attends to the queen’s awakening.
  • She seems to have put on a couple years, and now burns emerald-and-white, but seems otherwise unchanged. She is slightly confused—not necessarily disappointed, but confused—at not being in Malfeas.
  • With three demons and two mortals out of the way, our main body of heroes makes north to meet up with Lion and maybe give Thorns a hand.
  • …except that Mint has finally finished her project.
  • The whole of the city erupts into a column of white fire.



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