Circles Shattered and Reforged

It's raining DOOM

Also, demons

  • Yurgen Kaneko’s forces block off the lumber supplies from Guild shipments. Stormblown Oak seems to be operating as their man on the inside, although his exact motivations for selling out remain unclear.
  • The majority of the PC’s leave directly for the lumberyards and strike a deal with the woodcutters, flying out the lumber on the Roar and heading back to Haslanti territory.
  • The Bull has proceeded to make things messier by having Marottes summoned and dropped onto the construction yard, turning it into an escher-esque work of art that is not at all flightworthy. But this is where our heroes come in, killing the damn things dead.
  • Dusk infiltrates one of the Bull’s primary camps and does a number on it. Chaos is sown, two of the major tribes are turned against each other, and while it is eventually discovered that an outsider has sown suspicion and dissension, it is not without lasting consewuences, including the devastation of many of the supplies.
  • The Haslanti take advantage of this situation to extend an olive branch in the form of further supplies.
  • Raphares reappears in the skies over the Bull of the North’s camp—previously devastated by the efforts of Tranquil Dusk.
  • After initially opening friendly discussions, he opens fire with the cannons of his ship, reading off a list of all the fallen Tepet from the battle against the Bull several years ago. He will continue to rain down death and destruction as he slowly heads north, leaving a scar of charred earth in his wake.
  • In the resultant chaos, the Haslanti goodwill ambassadors are mistaken for insult or further injury, and many are killed.
  • When the PC’s return to pick up the ambassadors, they learn of what happened. Samea offers apologies and wergild.
  • Shortly thereafter, Dressh—apparently just passing through—social-fu’s the surviving troops of the Bull into following him, and uses some strange Infernal charm to turn Samea’s attentions wholly toward vengeance against Raphares. This doesn’t last, but it functions long enough to turn her attention away from trying to stop him.
  • Samea’s pursuit ends in futility, as Verith deceives her into chasing him off the ship. She survives, but Florivet is returned to Malfeas.
  • Yurgen makes a far superior showing, murdering every inhabitant aboard except for Raphares himself, Verith, and a mysterious shadowy figure who casts Yurgen through the darkness and miles away, allowing the Eclipse to make his escape.
  • When Samea is able to focus on things other than Raphares’ urgent need to die, she contacts the PC’s and fills them in on what happened. They pursue the Infernals.
  • Unfortunately, the trail ends in a ghost town long since killed by the cold, with only a trace of the silver sands of Cecylene to mark their passing.
  • The PC’s must continue pursuit, and so they take the gate that Sajira once escaped through, months ago. Our heroes have gone to Hell.



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