Circles Shattered and Reforged

On Other Fronts...

Happening concurrently with the previous post

  • Aracember is not gone.
  • The Sidereal gathers information. She is…very interested in Briar’s story, and in the words that Rose speaks.
  • Lion somehow comes up with award medals from Heaven thanking all the Exalted for their valiant stand and defense of Creation.
  • Sparrow begins work on a new airship. It is not proceeding particularly quickly.
  • Did I say Sesht left to wander a while ago? Because she left to wander a while ago, and I don’t remember a bit if it’s a thing that I already mentioned. I’ll have to remove this later if I already said it.
  • Dusk finds a new minion in his employ: a spiderweb god who is all-too-happy to bear his words and those of his followers about.
  • Akeva gets a night-time visitor: Suntarankal catches him in a dream and asks when the hell he’s gonna get his butt to the dojo.
  • I really have no clue what the crew of the Roar is up to these days.



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