Circles Shattered and Reforged

On the Alchemical front...

We, in fact, WERE able to rebuild her...

  • After some brief back-and-forth—and Arc not seeming entirely happy about it—Spear enters the vats one last time.

(I was actually really happy with the post I had regarding this, but I had to do a full restore on my computer, and I think the quote is lost. Hopefully will be able to re-insert it here.)

  • His flesh is processed, reformatted, and poured over the rough braincase they’ve constructed to house Briar’s (Rose’s?) brain and soul, slowly coaxing it to reform a body for her.
  • It takes a long time to rebuild her, but not the near-on-two-seasons it takes for Arc’s refitting from a man-sized machine to something closer to a small warstrider.
  • And she eventually does emerge, Blight-free!
  • She also seems to have left the vast majority of her communication skills. Any sort of abstract attempts at relating information—outside of basic gestures or pictures—seems to turn into “The Maiden Woke Up.” It’s all she can say and all she can write.
  • Fortunately, she seems perfectly capable of understanding speech and—with instruction—writing.
  • She is able to communicate a few things, including why and how she came to Sparrow’s manse and wrecked it.
  • It seems that Sparrowsteel had kept a sample of Blight in there, not realizing that as an extension of the Engine of Extinction, it gave the unformed Neverborn a view into Creation.
  • It then called on one of its servants—one who still sought to reach Creation, even if her will was corrupted—to descend, and to sunder the wards that kept it in check, so that it could infect and spread throughout the fertile geomancy of the manse.
  • Success! Wait no success is bad…
  • Meanwhile, Spear eventually comes to.
  • Unlike Rose, he seems to function perfectly.
  • He emerges from the vats, bows to the people of Hatiq, and demonstrates his first colossus charm—a system to deploy a small police force charged by fragments of his will.
  • Meanwhile, to the West, Yurgen has managed to support the protection and reconstruction of the land surrounding Vista. It is not long at all after Arc’s re-emergence—only a couple of months—until the Moonsilver metropolis awakens.
  • Seer of Bright Vistas is now the Metropolis of Srivati.
  • Yurgen will never be able to say that right.
  • Perhaps it’s not a high priority item…he does get called away urgently to the newly-built city of Yurghar, and shortly thereafter many of his forces follow secretly in the night.
  • Dusk inquires regarding this—more on the causes etc. later, when it’s revealed—but is coolly rebuffed for asking questions about things that are none of his business.



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