Circles Shattered and Reforged

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

We didn't have a gift basket, so we brought a request to surrender

  • It takes a while for the Roar to catch up with the city where it has fallen. The administrativa of the tripartite arrive safe and sound to the city, only to find things a bit of a wreck.
  • All things considered, a 10% fatality rate isn’t bad for what the Patropolis has been through. By any other standards, it’s still pretty awful. They’re burning the bodies for safety reasons, but the Harvesters present are all kind of mortified that they can’t be processed back into the body of the Great Maker like they could before.
  • They also lack a Ewer of Souls. They won’t be able to be monitored properly via Soulgems anymore. This is slightly more horrifying.
  • The PC’s do what they can, but move up to the upper layer of the city eventually. There, in the center square, is a figure that they haven’t met in person. The Bull of the North has arrived, to thank the city for committing an act of ethnic cleansing upon the Tear Eaters he was ready to go to war with, and he was prepared to welcome them into the fold of his empire with open arms. To do so would also allow him to divert the war engine he’d been building up into a civil works force to help the newcomer to Creation integrate and recover from its obvious recent disaster.
  • Our heroes obviously take issue with the Bull waltzing in and wanting to own the place.
  • The Bull, Samea (with accompanying dematerialized Florivet tank), the Tripartite, and Hatiq’s humanoid avatar converse in private with the PC’s.
  • The city’s keepers—and the city itself—are willing, if not particularly eager, to pay the price of bending knee to the Bull.
  • The Bull, for his part, feels his demands are more than reasonable. He’s reasonable, even. If they say no, then he walks away. He’ll ask again later, when they should know better. He won’t really have patience for fools then, but hey, they’ll do the right thing, right?
  • Finally, exasperated by the standstill, Yurgen asks Hatiq point-blank what he is, prepared to assert the Creation-Ruling Mandate that places him over God and Demon and even terribly cleverly made automaton.
  • “Exalt” was about the last thing he was expecting, but when Hatiq flares his anima—flashing the lights of the entire city—Yurgen backs down, at least for now.
  • Meanwhile, Lion and Dusk notice that Florivet’s looking a little ragged around the edges. It turns out that as they speak, he’s being unmade in Malfeas, broken down into Azoth for use in some Infernal’s trinket. Samea hasn’t realized this yet.
  • Yurgen elects to leave, although not before Lion has the chance to privately speak to him.
  • And with that, he and his leave.



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