Circles Shattered and Reforged

When Evil Giant RobaCancerBugs Attack!

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  • A trio of gremlinized custodians attack the Exalts. It’s…messy.
  • Akeva manages to restrain one, but it’s big, and strong, and very, very unwilling to just roll over and die.
  • Another is taken by the rest of the Circle. Without Akeva, and having already spent so much combatting the Blight and its victims, the struggle is a hard one. It draws blood from both Dusk and Lyim, and Unari is hurt worse—far worse.
  • The Alchemicals field the third.
  • Finally, after briefly losing control of his clinch, Akeva manages to hurl the gremlin in his grasp at another, shattering it into tiny spiteful pieces and making the one the rest of the Circle fights a much, much easier proposition.
  • Eventually, Lyim pierces it through the skull, and Unari through the heart. It’s dead.
  • The Champions finish their dirty work, and the lot of them make their way to the pit; Sparrow heals Unari on the way.
  • A voice emerges from the pit. Its words are unclear, but Lyim listens a little too closely, and tumbles into the pit.
  • Lion and Asim make their way after him, followed by the other PC’s—the Alchemical Exalted remain behind to protect them from the swarm above.
  • Down in the darkness, a figure appears—an apostate who recites, repeatedly, an odd and dark story.
  • She puts up a good fight, and might have drawn more blood had Akeva not used his martial expertise to knock her out prematurely.
  • The gremlins have long since stopped scuttling out. Instead, down here, there is only the PC’s, Briar, and a handful of sounds: the buzzing and battle of above—it seems to have gotten busy up there—the broken clockwork heartbeat of the Engine of Extinction, and an incoming cascade of explosions.
  • From one of the tunnels emerges the Imperative, Athyfer’s ship. Hell, seconds later the young-old Eclipse emerges onto the deck: “Sun above, what are you doing here?!”



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