Circles Shattered and Reforged

Year 1 - Guild Dealings

They couldn't stay away forever!

Months later, while the snows are still heavy on the ground, but after Lyim has done his fast-talking sale of an Autochthonian ROUS, a visitor arrives.

  • Brack Hullin is the head of a northern mammoth caravan, and shows up to offer his services to assist in distributing Hatiqi goods across the north.
  • He has one condition: He wants sole distribution rights across everything between the White and Inner seas.
  • On the whole, he seems to be working above the board—he himself acknowledges the futility of trying to pull a fast one on a collective of supergenius heroes who also are capable of laying waste to powerful nations even without a city to drop on them.
  • A deal is struck, and Brack Hullen’s caravan now brings in solid money for the PC’s, as long as Sparrowsteel keeps working.



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