Circles Shattered and Reforged

YEAR 1 - Rats for sale!

A rat, anyway. Bought by a Hare, as it turns out.

  • The Citizens of Hatiq find themselves in a poor position. To be sure, they’ve escaped the crushing tectonic thing that would have flattened the Patropolis to a jadesteel pancake, but their supplies are limited. And even if they hadn’t left the surrounding area a blasted wasteland from the impact, the hardscrabble soil of the frozen north isn’t forthcoming for crops.
  • Unari tries to pull in favors from the Silver Pact, only to learn she doesn’t actually have much in the way of pull-age. Her mentor, however, teaches her a charm that can imbue the land with fertility for a time.
  • In the short term, the crew of the Roar finds themselves needing to sell SOMETHING. In this case, they end up taking a young draft rat and a handful of fragments of Hatiq’s carapace, and taking them to the place where anything and everything can be sold: Nexus.
  • Turns out Lyim does a bang-up job promoting the domesticated ROUS, and Lion trains it to do tricks on the way into the city.
  • The bidding is fierce. It starts in the thousands of dinars and rapidly escalates.
  • He is rapidly outbid.
  • He reiterates his bid: One Talent. Jade.
  • Yep, that pretty much clinches it.
  • He has his assistant, Perfissa, hand the funds over, and refers them to a proper seed distributor.
  • Said fellow—Sweet Plum Arnech—overcharges, but seems to enjoy haggling with Lyim until a reasonable price is met.
  • Akeva, when he has a bit, heads to a bookstore, to get books with which he might Learn Things.
  • He runs into an old friend, who directs him towards a few titles—one of which seems to be written by a previous incarnation of Akeva’s.
  • Dusk also meets up with someone from his past…
  • So, armed with food, seeds, knowledge, and just enough space to store it all, the Exalts return home…



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