Lean and tall, with a constant sadistic smile. His skin is the brown of the east. His voice is usually level and polite, and he does love to hear himself speak.


Sajira was first encountered by the PC’s back in the early days, where he’d stolen most of the parts to repair the Ascendant Nimbus Roar. While they did not manage to hurt him or recover the parts, it was partially through him they learned of Dressh the Slayer and the other Infernals.

Sajira was next encountered in Nexus, where he, Dressh, and Six attempted to purchase a number of Soul-eaten slaves with the intention of restoring them to functional status with an Isidoric charm and recruiting them as such.

This did not go as planned. While he did manage to take the arm of the Twilight Sparrowsteel, he was outmatched by her, her lunar Mate Unari Proud-fire, and Lyim Voice-of-the-Winds, and was dispatched with extreme prejudice and a goremaul to the head.

The end results of his research are unknown.

His past life was never clarified in character, although he seems to have been familiar with Sparrow’s previous life as Kiho.


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