Shadowed Fist


Wherever two men meet in the night, to settle a grudge with swords or firewands, he is there.

When noble houses engage in a secret war in which lives are taken on both sides like a protracted game of Gateway, he watches.

When men brawl in undergroud matches, unheard and unseen by the common man…well, that’s a goddamn temple.

No, really.

Shadowed Fist was a functionary in the Crimson Panopoly of Battles, who rose to prominence in the wake of the Usurpation and during the Shogunate as High Marshall of Relentless Force, who was known to have mercenary—or perhaps just marketable—convictions. He achieved a great deal of personal power in Yu-shan, but with the rise of the Realm and the Immaculate Order—and his part in the Seven Tigers Rebellion—he was quickly brought to heel.

In the wake of his Censure, he was demoted to Most Righteous Secretary of Unseen Conflicts, doing double-time in filing reports to the Forbidding Manse of Ivy as well as the Crimson Panopoly. Further, his reputation was widely known in his previous function, and so prayers have been…less-than-forthcoming over the centuries, especially in Realm Satrapies.

That said, men’s lives are short, and their memories shorter. Outside of the Realm, secretive highwaymen buried knives to him, and many an assassin included him in their prayers along with the many Bloody Hands that they curried favor with.

Inside the Realm, too, his popularity has grown over the Age. The shadow wars of spies and knives is something that has given him much ambrosia, and as the Civil War prepares, many scions of all the houses beat their hands bloody against stone walls in dark rooms in his honor.

He’s turned the position to his advantage, certainly. Regardless, he feels ill-suited to it, and perhaps he is.

On the other hand, the Secretary of Unseen Conflicts has learned the importance of keeping his head down. His hands aren’t clean—when part of your purview includes sneaking up behind the other guy and beating him upside the head it’s kind of ridiculous to expect that—but he’s toned down his corruption since his audit centuries ago, even as he’s got his coffers to overflowing again thanks to the times. Politics makes enemies, and he’s waiting for the next accusation of bribery to come.

Or for the conflict to spill out openly, at which point he loses everything anyway.

Shadowed Fist

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