Broken Pillar of Heaven

Mother's new toy

weapon (melee)

Broken Pillar of Heaven is a regular Moonsilver Dire Lance, with stats as follows:

Speed: 5 Accuracy: + 4 Damage: + 8L/+ 12L (Charge) Defense: +4 Rate: 2 Attunement Cost: 5


Broken Pillar of Heaven is a weapon in the hands of Mother Only To The Dead, created by the joint efforts of Unari Proud-Fire and Sparrowsteel.

The weapon seems dark for moonsilver, almost tarnished. The edge, however, shines almost preternaturally brightly, gleaming brilliantly like the edge of a flashing thundercloud in the slightest light. The irregular arcs of the head of the spear roar when it is swung, like a distant storm, and a furious rain seems to follow, seconds in its wake

Broken Pillar of Heaven

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