Circles Shattered and Reforged

Separate Ways
Demon Hunters and Dig Sites


  • Lion, Savant, and Akeva track down the source of the blood apes.
  • They found a goat farm where several men had been torn limb from limb several nights past.
  • Communicating with the ghost of the last body left, they learned about Dressh. The Slayer had apparently had the men—old hunting buddies—summoning the demons for Sajira’s dig site. When the PC’s were putting an end to that, Dressh got the order to clean up matters at home, which he did with brutal gusto.
  • Lion laid the man to rest.
  • Later, the group went to a small tavern, where they heard of another location to the east that had Erymanthos attacks. They decided to regroup with the others before taking a deeper look.

Speaking of Unari and Sparrow…

  • Unari summoned the earth elemental Irzath Forgotten-Mole, and paid him in masterwork-level shovels made by Sparrowsteel.
  • The people who had initially begun to dig up the site showed up, soldiers and exorcists in tow. The leader of this effort, secretary Stormblown Oak, received five levels of bashing damage to his gentleman parts from Beastwoman Unari, and the remainder scattered rather than confront the obvious Lunar Exalt.
  • Later, the Roar was almost wholly excavated, but fell on top of Unari. It skewered her, and Irzath had to be further bribed in order to extricate her.
A Skyship In The Earth Below
What were they trying to dig up anyway?


  • The PC’s explore the buried wreckage at the site the Erymanthoi had been emerging from.
  • The vessel—The Ascendant Nimbus Roar—had no further living contents. The implanted Erymanthos from earlier seemed to come from here. The Crimson Morning Stormcloud units—as he and those like him were called—were kept sedated by the internal essence flows of the ship until immediately before they were to be deployed.
  • The ship was depleted of power, but was brought to a slow and lurching semi-life with Unari’s Hearthstone—it was able to communicate, and replay the final recording of the last surviving crew member, Acting Captain/Ensign Amphitrie Dannerhall.
  • Dannerhall’s message mentioned that the ship had gone to hell on Calibration, the Essence Flows that had suspended it having spontaneously cut off. This also caused the CMS units to go berserk and kill almost everyone aboard. She was the only survivor, but only at the time she left the message—they were hammering at the door when she ended it.
  • The PC’s then claimed her sanction—for the Roar still has no recording nor report of her death—and became the current emergency crew.
  1. Unari is Acting Officer
  2. Sparrowsteel is Acting Engineer
  3. Akeva is Acting Deck Fist (This is what happens when you let idiots Exalts choose their own titles.)
  4. Inexorable Ruby Lion is Acting Demon Hunter (Not that there was one before, but there you go)
  5. Tranquil Dusk is Acting Specialist.
  • Sparrowsteel is acknowledged as a Twilight Caste Solar Exalt, but Roar seems inclined to ignore this, perhaps because Sparrowsteel’s power might also see it airborne.
  • Repairs cannot be completed at this time. Sajira has taken the tools and parts to do so.
Bloody Monkey Business
Meet and Greet for the characters.


  • Akeva Shoram, Unari Proudfire, and Sparrowsteel meet at the camp of Guildswoman Teggah, learning that the route north is not desirable owing to demon attacks. The three idiots heroes decide to go that way anyway.
  • Inexorable Ruby Lion and Savant are hired by Borin (via his translator/diplomatic aide, Zephyr) of Kaet’s Landing to travel north, hunt down the demons that murdered his brother, and kill them very dead.
  • The two end up on the same stretch of road at the same time, encountering Erymanthoi who tear apart Lion and Savant’s coachman. The demons are promptly murdered themselves, but one is a Very Strange Demon Indeed who is implanted with strange technology. He is destroyed by an unknown remote source.
  • This source ends up being a dig site. Other demons and men are there, but they have all been recently killed.
  • The perpetrator of THIS is one Sajira, who is bearing a load of parts from the dig site along with a couple surviving human workers. Savant and Blasphemy kill the humans just as he steps through to Malfeas.

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