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Does anyone remember her at all? She was a character in a past life flashback.

Aphelsine is the result of Hiako’e, Lion’s past life, trolling Malfeas. After the death of her mentor, Hiako’e went on a decades-long Inquisitor streak, putting down cults where she found them, trying to get rid of the Yozis’ influence.

But you know what? She could never get rid of them all.

There was always a collection of stupid, wretched souls willing to sell themselves to a power that wasn’t the one they bowed to in their daily life.

So…she decided to turn the tables.

She was exploring the possibility of forming solar cults of demons in Malfeas. This had possibilities. First Circle demons could theoretically sway second circle demons directly. And while Citizens couldn’t be so convincing for the Unquestionable, if they could be united in their belief like this, perhaps they wouldn’t NEED to be.

Aphelsine was a neomah.

And there were multiple ways I saw this story going.

The worst endings involved some greater or lesser degree of tragedy with her getting bodyjacked and Hiako’e needing to put her down.

The one where Hiako’e had an attack of the Great Curse and decided this was a fucking stupid plan and GET’ed her protege may have been worse.

Where I was leaning for now was that she had returned and was somewhat successful, but had been melted down into chalcanth which the elect among her followers had kept in small vials, and that said followers…well, let’s face it. Things get…muddled over centuries.

They would know they were supposed to aspire to the ideals of the Sun, but didn’t really have a firm idea of what that meant.


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