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So ‘Cember is very, very, VERY loosely based on a character named Sembur—A child’s way of pronouncing R.S.M. Burr—from a book my mom was fond of. By which I mean she took the name and a few elements of the backstory, and then turned into her own thing,

She was the daughter of a court functionary in the land of Hingal, one of the Hundred Kingdoms. She was of an age with the Crown Princess, and so they were fast friends until Aracember’s Exaltation.

Now, it is my personal headcanon that all Sidereals, relatively early in their career, find themselves with the Job They Don’t Want. Save a hated enemy. See a wonderful truth forgotten. Take someone far away from family and comfort.

It’s usually when you’re far in enough that you know well what the consequences are for failure. Some are stubborn enough to damn the consequences, and that rarely goes well for anyone.

Our Reckoner was charged with bringing the kingdom of Hingal to an end, that those who sat upon its throne die, and that its bloodline disappear from mortal ken.

By this time her childhood friend was queen proper, with a child less than a year old.

Aracember…cheated the rules, to a degree.

Her homeland had to fall. So be it.

Her friend and her friend’s consort had to die That brought her no end of sorrow.

What she did was terrible, but it did, strictly speaking, remove the royal bloodline in the newborn princess from mortal ken.

The royal castle fell at the wrath of a sudden serpentine dragon with a golden mane, breathing terrible thunderbolts that shattered walls.

There were no survivors.

No survivors found, anyway.

Aracember used up a lot of vacation hours wrangling a lesser elemental dragon who also happened to be an infant.

And now she has a preteen who happens to also be an elemental dragon who’s sneaking out into Creation betimes.


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