Every single Artifact weapon is a legend in its own right. That Artifact 2 daiklaive that your Terrestrial carries?

It’s a relic of the Primordial War. For over five thousand years, it has been in continuous service in the cause of Creation. At the beginning of the primal rebellion, it was a blade used to carve through the ranks of deva and other things too horrible to mention, to clear a path for the Celestial Exalted to engage their hated foes directly.

During the High First Age, it was a peacekeeping tool, used on the fringes of Creation to beat back the fae, and help solidify the world’s outward growth. Even now, Raksha remember it, and shudder at the thought of its touch.

During the Usurpation, it wept as it was used to slice the flesh of the Chosen of the Sun, half in horror, half in joy. Here again was a true challenge for it, going against the Lords of Creation in pitched battle. The horror was the necessity.

During the Shogunate, it was a weapon that carved out empires, and fought back the Balorian Crusade.

It has been handed down reverently through your family for more than five thousand years. For over seven hundred of that period of time, it was used in the service of the Scarlet Empress, to scourge the Anathema, and to preserve the power of the Realm. Woe betide the enemies of the Scarlet Empire, for it knows no mercy.

Now, in this Time of Tumult, it has passed down to you. Ages of history are etched across its shining surface, and it wonders if you are a worthy master.






Circles Shattered and Reforged Mockery