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Much like the Deathlords heading, this is broken up into Memory and Echo.

The Last Memory of the Unshattered Land

Memory got the White Witch of Narnia treatment from the Lover after she left Hatiq.

Picked up, and as far as she was concerned it was…what, an hour? Maybe a day? She’d let her people know that you knew that she spoke for them.

It was years.

Years, in which the ghosts of the Tear Eaters were told that you had murdered her. She would have returned by now, to be sure.


Their anger was deep, and when the Lover offered them the chance to become the instrument of vengeance for their last survivor, they took it.

Each one, melted down to corpus, and mostly forged into fine soulsteel threads, interwoven to create a towering figure of armor, and the remaining spirit-stuf fused together in its heart, creating an engine of rage and vengeance for their champion.

This Woestrider was her greatest weapon in the siege on Hatiq, capable of fighting Vista to a standstill.

The Lover…was seriously betrayed by the Prince.

The Last Memory of the Unshattered Land was brought to full wakefulness, reminded of who she was and her mission, and discovered to her horror what had come to her people in her absence.

When she found it, it recognized her. It lived for her, such as a machine made of the dead could, and she led it from the battlefield.

The remainder of the Lover’s armies couldn’t really turn to pursue with without turning their backs to Hatiq and its Exalted.

So they left.

In the Underworld, there is a mountain, that on one side is buried. Under the stones is a towering figure of soulsteel, its face locked forever in a wretched wail.

Its chest is open.

The fire that gave it motive force has been long since extinguished, out of mercy.

The Last Memory of the Unshattered Land sleeps forever with the people she spoke for, and was not there for. Perhaps something will stir her in years or centuries to come.

But she does not pursue wakefulness.

The Fading Echo of Betrayal Unrecognized

Subject to a similar Lotus Eater Machine seduction from the Lover. She doesn’t know it yet, and she’s too on guard to push hard.

But there’s a room in the Lover’s mansion.

It holds whatever you want. And for Echo, it’s years ago. It’s her and you and Cloreth, doing your job, seeking the truth and doing the right thing for real.

No betrayals this time.


Circles Shattered and Reforged Mockery