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This one gets broken up into two headings: The Skald, the Princer. The Lover hasn’t been idle, but her stuff is better covered under Deathknights

The Ash-Winged Skald

The Skald wasn’t sung into Lethe, despite what some of the PC’s might have thought at the time. He was…stunned; in part by Lion attempting to counter his raison d’etre, in part by a an interdimensional portal opening right under his feet, and creating a thousand-mile crater.

(Note: I would have accepted writing “The End” in his book as an acceptable method of terminating him. As it was, he was unmade by learning his reason for becoming a Deathlord—to continue his own Existence—was no longer necessary because he had successfully overwritten his successor.)

The Silver Prince, the Bodhisattva Come Again.

The Prince screwed the Lover over on all levels with her attempt to undermine Hatiq last time.

The Prince rationalized his actions to himself as a personal distaste. And that Lyim might end up getting killed by the Lover’s forces in the effort to retake the city.

Really, the Prince just doesn’t know what side he’s on. Yes, he has the fleet made of souls damned to torture, but he also has only rolled them out against Creation’s enemies, and in the process has actually created a stable, relatively enlightened civilization capable of surviving a large-scale underworld victory.

He WANTS to be considered the enemy. Because that’s what he is, right? He’s supposed to roll out this doomfleet that should shake the whole of creation to its knees and murder every living thing on or beneath the waves.

And surely, if he’s made so much progress on it, he must be on board.

I was kicking around “Incontrovertible proof that his core motivation is toward the benefit of Creation” as his secret weakness.


Eventually he would run out of personal excuses re: delaying, and decide he might as well roll this beast out and tear the world asunder with a shrug.

He is absolutely a terrible threat to Creation, up until he’s forced to genuinely acknowledge otherwise.


Circles Shattered and Reforged Mockery