Dusk's End

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Dusk’s order of business:
1. Finish what he started in Thorns, since he promised.

2. Help Lyim with Skullstone.

3. Grow the organization he’s built for Hatiq.

4. Help his circle where they ask for it.

At some point, he’s going to investigate what’s up with the person who put a hit out on Sparrow’s assistant. I honestly don’t know what he’ll do when he finds the truth, though; mostly because he knows that when he arrives to do just that he’ll either have to cut ties with Hatiq and be ready for war with the Solars there, or he’ll have to tread lightly to avoid backlash.

I may just let Ina know where she is, and let her decide

Also, at some point he will find evidence of Hauricant. When he does, he’s going to want to confront him with Echo – not sure if he’ll look for Echo first if the Lover’s smart and successfully forging communication.
Also, there’s that underlying desire to find a cure for the soul-eaten.


Dusk… 100 years from now, Dusk would be doing a real good job of three things: mate to Lion, monkey wrench to any organized threat to Creation, and using the influence of the Intelligence bureau to keep the city free and the region at peace.

He’d make a point of planning things out and having fallbacks, and when you dealt with the bureau, you never knew if you were dealing with a simple mortal, an exalted recruit, or Dusk himself.

And even then, only Lion would be the one to know his true name anymore.

Lion Comments: This makes her immensely grumpy, for the record. A) kids. And B) his circle.

Dusk's End

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