If Dressh Had Lived

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Honestly, it would not have been hard to get Dressh to re-examine his loyalties. He still fed his village even after he murdered a couple of its douchebag inhabitants who abandoned him in the cold.

He protected them in general, and his daughter and her family in particular. Convincing him that they wouldn’t get any particular protection when the Yozis busted out would have gone over with…likely predictable results.

Hell, regardless of loyalties he probably would have bought Akeva a drink when he woke up from the asskicking he received.

So anyway. Dressh would probably have started walking the path of the Devil-Tiger, who might best be summed up in his realm. Dressh is in a rich castle, a valhalla of food and fire and warmth and song. The castle is amidst a blizzard.

It is night.

There are things in the dark.

They are hungry.

Think of it as…something like a potentially more benign version of Malfeas.

If Dressh Had Lived

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