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Lillun would never have Exalted as a Dragon-Blood. Just not in the genetic cards. But she carried that power within her. Further, her time in Malfeas after darling mother handed her over to Demon Day Care was very much a crucible in a fashion. She wouldn’t have survived without the Lion who was there, but she did—to use a TVTropes-ism—take a few levels in badass.

This was all in the plan. At a certain point after she was separated from Lion—While she and Lion-3 had parted ways, Lion-4 was the only one who had a solid “separation point” where her success and failure have more obvious trappings than “it worked/didn’t work.”

Demons grabbed Lillun and were going to take her away just as they were going to escape through a gate.

Lion-4 fled, taking her chance. Lion-5 tried to save her, and failed.

Regardless, through her own adventures, she kind of found herself on the receiving end of the first Infernal Exaltation. But things went…weird. By design.

Her body with blessed blood and heroic spirit was a prime candidate for the vesself of all the Exaltations. But it’s a little messy.

For the very moment—the hair-thin-sliver of an instant—of her Exaltation is trapped in an endlessly drawn-out loop in which she bears the full wrath of all the Yozis, and her Exaltation brings her back together.

If you were very close indeed…Well, you would be fine irradiated ash. But if you had the right charms, then you would still see the form of a girl, exploding and reforming an infinite number of times every second.

From a bit further away, she is merely a brilliant emerald star.

Any further, and you come to the walls of the structure that is her prison, or perhaps her Chrysalis—a towering brass structure, vaguely humanoid in outline, with an anguished frozen face pouring out emerald fire skyward.

You can hear her screams, sometimes.

Anyway, the chosen demons ascend the Tower of the Phylactery, and hurl themselves bodily in. The ones who can be alloyed with an Exaltation are ejected through the brass carapace of the tower and impact with a smoldering crater on the ground.

And from there, things mostly go as they were. Infernals at large consider the Phylactery creepy, but aren’t aware of its origins or its actual contents.

This fell under the heading of, “Seriously, I’d like to see you guys fix this, but I have no idea how you can do it. Impress me.”

Oh, fun fact, I know I mentioned some time way back when that Lillun’s name meant ‘Precious Pearl,’ or something similar. This…would have been relevant.


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