Lunar Mates

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This definitely falls under the heading of “stuff from an early draft that is of relatively little relevance.”

But early on in the game, I’d had a Lunar Mate in mind for Lion, and later, another in mind for Dusk.

Suffice to say that in early drafts, Sword of Forgotten Skies was intended to be bound to Lion. Someone with a similarly deep distaste for demons, albeit less recent or thorough and more the result of a single formative event: the bloody aftermath of the crash of the Roar.

And as for Dusk…Erryl Smiles-and-Words-and-Eyes-and-Knives was something a bit more present and possibly would have carried through. I kicked the idea back and forth even as recently as the rebellion in Thorns, but it was ultimately Kiryam who came to you to pull you up out of the water.

Neither was really present enough in the game, though, for me to feel right dropping that particular bombshell.

But for a while, at least, the idea that Sword was carrying around a remote communication device for Roar—and was generally keeping an eye on the ship as its ranking officer—and that Lion identifying her initial position on the ship as “Demon Hunter” went a long way towards her decision to allow you to keep it.

And then there was Akeva’s mate.

I think it’s no big surprise that Tei Mak Jahr was Akeva’s Lunar Mate. He died, and is staying dead. This…was admittedly, entirely prologue for his successor.

Short version, it would have been Zhanshi, to everyone’s horror including her own. But none of the PC’s really met her, or even talked to her much. And she didn’t even get a name onscreen at this point. But she was Suntarankal’s daughter, who was currently waiting back in Hatiq for the circle to show up again, so she could basically shadow Akeva and ask him when the hell he was going to get his ass to asskicking academy.

She was—at least in my own mind—an interesting counterpoint to Akeva and Lion who more or less relished in her status. When she was as young as five, washouts from Suntarankal were informed they could try to get back in the headmaster’s good graces by killing his daughter.

Anyway, I had honestly imagined her coming to blows with people at some point just for being so unrepenantly pro-her-dad. Which would get her ass kicked. But Luna…has an odd sense of humor.

The character popped up first, and then later I decided on making her Lunar, potentially. And then I had fun as the pieces came together without any actual direct intention form me.

I decided her tell would be reflected in one of her arms, which had been broken and never healed perfectly straight.

As for her spirit shape, something martial would be appropriate. One of the classic Martial Arts type animals. After much deliberation, I went with Crane.

That this would make her The Broken-Winged Crane was completely, totally accidental, but I latched onto the idea hard.

Lunar Mates

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