Maïe and her Supporters

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Maïe’s sheet is open and visible now. She doesn’t have much in the way of combat charms.

But I had initially imagined her encountering her former patrons. I gave the grandmatron of the line a name, but I forget what it was. But she totally had Maïe intimidated with a mix of a sharp tongue and passive aggressive guilt that would normally seem out of place in a world without Catholicism.

But Maïe does have the core Pyrian charm that always detects lies. And at some point “We’ve done this for you! All of it for you, to see you back where you belong, you wretched child, expecting nothing in return!” Would ring undeniably false.

Despite the legitimacy of her claims to the throne, Maïe was human then. Now…she’s much more.

Do not taunt someone who bears a sliver of She Who Shattered Herself Against the Closing of the World.

The last part, in my mind, was her sparing Marh—she has terrible cosmic power, but despite this chance to vent her temper with impunity, she hesitates. And she asks him if she ever meant anything to him. If he wanted to be her consort, and not her king. And of course he would say yes.

And with a sad, genuine lament that he’s not a better liar, Maïe would end that noble line.

Mind Hand Manipulation isn’t the strongest combat charm. But against a bunch of non-combat mortals…it suffices.

Maïe and her Supporters

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