A respected Quicksilver Falcon of the First Age, Paravion was a brilliant man whom many suggested should have been Exalted as one of the Twilight Caste. However, in later years he insisted that he had no time for working in a shop or for studying old tomes for that which was already known.

Instead, the Wanderer of Distant Shores dedicated himself to learning that which was not known. With his tongue, he stripped the Raksha of their charms, and ghosts of their secrets. He walked the streets of Yu-shan and Malfeas, often in the same day. He may have been a member of the Black Nadir Concordat, although if this is so then he obliterated all actual evidence of his presence with his charms.

He learned the forbidden secrets, and more than once—more than a dozen times, by the end of the First Age—he butted heads with Orabilis, the End of All Wisdom.

For one secret whispered in her ear, which has never been uttered before or since, he took Jupiter herself to his side for a night.

What passed between them is unknown.

The knowledge that Paravion bore would have broken the mind of a mortal, and almost certainly driven many of the Chosen to madness. A few suggested his usual desire for creature comforts and general flakiness and levity were a sign that he had in fact gone mad, rather than attend to the duties of a lawgiver with the gravity they demanded. Some posited that instead his indulgences were to keep his own spirits up. But most accepted the idea that he had developed charms to allow him to push things beyond his own comprehension so that he need not deal with the weight of their knowledge every day. That this also allowed him control over when and where he might confront Orabilis did not go unnoticed by supporters of this theory.

The accumulated knowledge Paravion possessed allowed him a certain amount of carte blanche to do what he would. When he cast a city down to Malfeas for the construction of a manse on its location, he silenced all questions and accusations with a single leaden glance.

Perhaps Paravion did not have reason for what he did. But if he did, the look said, nobody truly wanted to know it.


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