Plot Threads

As discussed early this year, there’s a lot of ground to cover before this story reaches its conclusion. The following are the majority of dangling, unconcluded plots that leap to mind.

It may yet be that I’ve forgotten some. Players are invited to refresh my memory and/or correct or expand these entries.


  • Akeva’s Headband
    Akeva Shoram has won a tournament, and his prize is a simple one: a woven brass headband. It is also a powerful one: to don it will whisk him from wherever he stands to the gates of Suntarankal, where the Crucible of Brass and Iron will test him and teach him, and maybe just kill him.
  • Infernals
    The Yozi-touched Solar Exaltations are still out and about. Dusk has learned that there’s been some progress on that front, but success is incomplete.
  • Sesht
    Lion’s infernal counterpart still stands. For what it’s worth, she seems much more benign, but SOMETHING is happening to her. She’s currently looking for her sisters. But she will make her way back to Hatiq eventually…
  • Zsofika
    The mother of Lions (both those Sent Into the World and those who just made their way there on their own thank you) still lives, after a fashion. It won’t be long before she walks the streets of Malfeas again, and she probably still believes the Zenith Lion to be a fake.


  • The Silver Prince
    What the hell is his game? He’s sent a deranged Infernal to Hell, and whatever his plan was it seems to have met with terrifying success. The Yozis attempted to break off conflict, only for the Prince to renew his assault.

Also, there’s some bizarre fold in space in the archipelago.

  • The Lover
    Probably no longer a massive concern. Her attempt to infiltrate suffered a tremendous casualty of errors that decimated her military force, and cost her multiple agents and resources. Dusk has an eye on her in the shape of Echo, and her own reports continue to suggest that the Lover is weakened in a lasting fashion, but Deathlords are not known for being easy to fool or spy on…


  • Staenfoldt
    Folksy and plain-spoken, this Chosen of Battles is the artist of Akeva’s life. Dusk, at least, is entirely aware that the death of Copper Basilisk was a front, and that this Vizier does not necessarily consider Akeva to be capable enough to make all his own decisions.
  • Hauricant
    A Sidereal who has played a heavy hand in Dusk’s past.
  • Jaan Diheris
    He’s been there since the first session, and he’s still alive and kicking now, if markedly more absent. Heaven wants him for questioning, although they may not have said why.

The ancient skyfaring mariner yet lives, in his stolen body. He disappeared after the circle of Hatiq prevented him from living up to his bargain with the Bull of the North, and has apparently been lying low enough—or at least far away enough—that Dusk hasn’t heard much of anything about him since then.

Oh, this tangled mess. The Mask is gone, the old ruler dead, the current ruler an usurper who doesn’t seem terribly interested in keeping the throne but doesn’t want to hand it off to the current contenders, the legitimate heir a spoiled child—and soon to emerge an Infernal Exalt—and the strongest runner-up an older man without heir or blessing or interest in either.

The Bull and his Empire
Yurgen is…sedate. Or at least otherwise occupied. For the most part, fortunately, he seems not to be interested in taking down Hatiq, especially with the acquisition of his own living city, Srivati. His capitol, Yurghar, has recently been finished, according to some news, and on the other seems to have been burned down to begin reconstruction.

Plot Threads

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