Sagacious Stone

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So, Sagacious Stone went through a few incarnations in my head. At first, he and Ailurah Umber were totally extremely loose expies of Pete Wisdom and Shadowcat. Then when I started pondering stuff, he got a backstory, which kind of dovetailed into some other things.

It’s generally been my intent as he developed that he not actually come across as a fancy gentleman, but occasionally comporting himself as he imagines a man of wealth and taste might, without much knowledge of how this actually goes. See, maybe, Badger from Firefly.

Hell, it would eventually come out that Stone wasn’t the name he was born with, but he adopted it for himself because he thought it sounded more impressive and dignified-like.

So, anyway, astute viewers may notice that I erased Jade Island from the map when I first uploaded it to the Obsidian Portal site long ago. Mostly, this was an inside joke and a dose of spite for a game for which I have some very fond memories of players, but not so much for certain high-ranking administrative decisions. Suffice to say this game does not take place in the same continuity as that one.

So things didn’t play out the same way here as they did there. Exaltations didn’t get distributed the same way. There was once a character named Keran Palnos who I’d had, who didn’t have much call to speak Riverspeak to folks in his group. But I’d always imagined him having a bitter, lower-class edge to his language there—I may have even used the same “guttersnipe” phrase to describe his speech patterns.

In Jade, Mr. Palnos went on to become the Changing Moon Keran Unbound-by-Walls. Here, his opportunities were…different.

I’d mentioned once that without Dappled Shadow, he probably would have walked a path closer to the pragmatic bastard Wani Cut-Tooth. And here, I suppose, he did.

Sagacious Stone

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