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Sesht…honestly, has been doing a LOT of walking. She’s trying to track down her sisters. She may have actually found 4, but the conversation was…strange. Perhaps strained. She want to do something for Special Lion, but as of yet she can’t.

3…sails the oceans. That’s going to be harder to nail down.

Anyway, I planned at some point at maneuvering Lion into asking Sesht when she returned if she knew anything about Lillun.

Lion…had been warned, obliquely, about the consequences of this. <_><;>s worth protecting. To remind herself that she loves her sisters and their lives had and have meaning.

She burns up from the inside, eventually leaving a her-shaped hole in the everything that burns wider and wider like burning away a curtain to reveal her Primordial World-Jouten, which becomes something like a successor to Adriàn.


Circles Shattered and Reforged Mockery