The Crew of the Roar

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So, some crew members didn’t have anything really going for them.

Aurochs? Exactly the boastful braggart meathead he looked like.

On the other hand, you actually had two Sidereals on your crew. Fleeting Kanin was a fresh Exalt who was really on her first assignment, and had Jaan Diheris there ostensibly to shadow her, but also so he would have someone to divert blame on in case things went south.

For what it’s worth, fate—not Fate, just idle fortune—had at least one more joke on the crew. Let me double-check the list first…Mylla was occasionally described as a little pugnacious, and had a kid living with her brother while she worked to send money home after their village more or less collapsed after a harsh winter.

In the realm of “going to assume this just never got brought up because it would have immediately drawn attention away from the current plot” her son was named for her father.


The Crew of the Roar

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