The Fall of Kaet's Landing

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Most of the guys who defected to Dressh from the Bull were executed in a particularly heinous manner which involved digging their own burial pit.

One guy actually managed to escape. He would have become the heir to Dressh’s Exaltation. And he would have taken some bloody vengeance.

First on the village of warders where Special Lion came from. Those guys promised their service willingly to Dressh in exchange for freeing their enslaved kinsmen, and then spent the entire way back home after you killed him going, “Oh, no! It was horrible! He had us enslaved the same as you were!”

Then he would have turned his attention on the PC’s. And he would have started with the city that had more or less been a recurring location.

I honestly imagine an Isidoric/Malfean STOMP making the entire cliffside come crashing down.

The Fall of Kaet's Landing

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