The Flowers of Xexas

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So. I should start by warning in advance that these come from the part of me that totally digs the horrific stuff.

They’re municipal charms.

Imagine a tower, hanging from the sky, bristling with hundreds of long, graceful, vaguely flutelike cones. It does, in fact, vaguely resemble a strange alien flower. Each petal inhales the choking toxic smoke of the lowermost pole of the Maker, and passes it through the deconstructed, lobotomized body of an Ashbreather contained therein—an Autochthonian mutant adapted for survival among the poisonous fumes and acid rain of below—and so purifies it for the Maker’s use, passing it along to the main body.

Once upon a time, when Autochthon was healthier and when there were many dozens of patropoli and metropoli, a single remote scrubbing facility (maybe two!) in each would have sufficed.

They were conceived in desperation, and their inventor wishes, in their current life, that they had never worked so well as they do.

So if you ever wondered what Arc’s issues re: Xexas are…

The Flowers of Xexas

Circles Shattered and Reforged Mockery