The Great Curse and Yurghar

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So, Dusk had a Limit Break a while back which more or less saved him from a latent case of Blight infection he’d picked up from the assault upon Sparrow’s manse. What he ended up doing with it was…inspired.

Suffice to say that the first city built to honor Yurgen’s Empire is a permanent clusterfuck. He more or less managed to infect the whole city of Yurghar with his Deliberate Cruelty limit break on a geomantic level in ways that would take Sparrow and a corps of summoned assistants decades if not centuries to fix.

He was aware afterward that this was somewhat odd, and that he’d also felt a twinge of pain where the infected custodian had bit him a long time ago. But then again he felt fine NOW, so there was no need to talk to Sparrow or Lion or anyone about it.

Anyway, if he had talked to Sparrow, she had a chance of discovering some sort of Essential flaw in his spirit. This might have led her on the path to discovering the Great Curse. More immediately, she would have discovered that this flaw could be tapped for power, and she could have discovered some of the Capbreaker charms.

Yurgen and company never learned about this; all Yurgen knew was that his people are going batshit crazy like mad dogs.

And you put mad dogs down with prejudice.

He tried to be reasonable, too. Because isn’t that what a ruler should do? But they wouldn’t fucking listen.

What, you think that the mortals were the only ones affected?

Srivati knows, but is more interested in protecting Hatiq, and in protecting Creation from the Blight. To the degree that Yurgen’s preoccupation with trying to populate his city with people who just won’t behave and won’t follow the laws of their king and he’s trying to GGGGRRRRHHHHAAAAGH!…

As long as she’s continuing her own mission and has sufficient staffing, she’s cool with it.

The Great Curse and Yurghar

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