The Scarlet Empress

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Malfeas has been on the ropes for years.

The whole Infernal thing was a briliant idea. Or so they thought. Then the Silver Prince weaponized the whole thing against them: He broke the spirit of an idealistic young death-priest who was a candidate for Infernal exaltation, and then locked him away in the Underworld until it stated to influence the directions his charms took.

He’s mentally shattered, and his oblivion-flavored Infernal Charms terrify the Yozis. He’s a thing that feeds on Primordial Essence—a gaping maw puppeting around a meatsack body these days.

The Prince returned him as a part of an initial ceasing of hostilities with the Lintha…and then the Infernal proceeded to kill them all, kill their living behemoth-island, and find his way into Malfeas, where he’s now known as the Hunter from Bluehaven.

…This is a tangent, slightly, but the point here is that the Yozis are hurting and scarred now in ways they may never heal.

So they get desparate, and turn loose the akuma Empress to do her whole “I HAVE RETURNED” declaration. And then her Infernal “guard” contacts a few of his friends and they gank her in mid-speech.

They…don’t quite know how to work this thing themselves. And here they are on nationwide broadcast. One of them may in fact rock out for a couple days straight until the assorted Great Houses unify in purpose to break in and take them down.

The Empress herself is a massive anticlimax, I admit. But in the midst of all this mess I wanted some problems that would handle themselves, or otherwise work out without the PC’s needing to get hands-on.

The Scarlet Empress

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