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Wranthalas had the idea planted in his head as a young Exalt that while one of his former incarnation’s circle had turned Akuma, he had intimated he was not the only one.

So in the desire to not have any part of him belong to the Yozis, he cut his own shadow out of the Ebon Dragon and tucked it in an adamant box. This had…odd effects.

Like being one of the few Lawgivers to never experience Limit Break…

Until the Usurpation.

I went back and forth on this one a lot. Maybe his Shadow goaded him into setting it free to protect him, maybe his shadow broke free regardless and he paid the price for cheating the rules.

Suffice to say that Wranthalas and his shadow were now one.

And he bought his own freedom by sacrificing the rest of his circle—he stole the blade out of Stone Dog’s hands, placed it in Netumiel’s, hid in the shadows, and called out, “Netumiel, how could you?!” right before disappearing entirely.

He cast enough confusion and heartbreak in that one second that the attacking Dragon-Blooded cut down the Dawn upon whom they focused their power, and the others quickly followed.

Eventually, Wranthalas-who-stole-his-shadow was consumed from the outside in. His eyes went dark, then black, then nothing, and the colorlessness, the gray, then the black poured out like aging wood at a fencepost.

It took…centuries, really. But eventually there wasn’t enough of the man who became Exalted left to contain an Exaltation.

After he was banished down to Malfeas, he was melted down into Chalcanth and forged into a pearl which the Ebon Dragon placed in his brow to enhance his own power. The exact effects of this…I’m not sure of. And I definitely doubt the original path I was thinking for this.

Banishing him didn’t heal the wound in the Ebon Dragon—there wasn’t an original Wranthalas to be a shadow OF anymore. He might have progressed into a second Ebon Dragon given time.

The pendant would have allowed the shadow to do much like what Athyfer did to his successor…kind of. Mind you, the pendant overwriting Raphares was the result of years of influence from a party who had never been apparently or overtly hostile to him. Dusk…I would have given better odds to, in part because I doubt he would have worn it to bed almost every night.


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