Lion's End

Back to the endings…


Lion will take some time to get around to handling Malfeas and tackling her own plot threads. She’s pretty committed to helping Lyim out with his Skullstone problem.

Finding her sisters again, and asking nicely if Lyim can work some Eclipsey magic to make sure they’re comfortable. Taking care of anything that remains of that tribe Special Lion was taking care of, even if it’s just artifacts.

Working with Sparrow, if Sparrow is willing, to build a new fiddle. One like the one she has, really. Except an artifact. That will amplify the effect of her music.

And she’s going to work on new charms, too. Ways to imbue her music with GOOD things — not just demon-killing, but teaching skills. Finding gates and opening them. She thinks she did evil. bringing the wrath of Malfeas down on those people. She’d like to try to get them out before she does any more.

But I’d imagine, in the fullness of time, there will be a rock-off. Maybe it’ll kill her. Maybe it’ll change the landscape of Hell. Maybe it’ll do both! If she manages to survive, I’d imagine she’ll devote some years to getting all the mortals that didn’t choose to be there out of Malfeas.


Lion wants a family. More than just her sisters. She wants kids.

If she can, she’d like to have it on the Blessed. Assuming the civil war there neither tore everything to bits nor ended with her still being Anathema a century later. She saw a spot from the mountain.

She’s not sure how interested Dusk will be in this.

ST’s Response: The houses tore themselves apart. There will be social stigma, to be certain, but time, disillusionment with the status quo, assorted Solars making inroads, and Lion being…well…Lion…A century hence, people will be intimidated, but probably no longer thinking she needs her head mounted on the wall of some shikari.

Dusk’s Response: Dusk is perfectly fine with kids.

Lion's End

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