Lyim's End

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Eventually, Lyim (apparently with Lion’s and now Dusk’s help) will return to Skullstone, as subtly as he is able. Once he’s there, he’ll begin the PR campaign of destruction, doing what he can to undermine the Prince’s authority and image in the eyes of the people.

And some time later, assuming he survives La Revolution, the amazing salesman who sold a goddamned rat for a jade talent will return to Nexus to continue the craze.

Lion Comments: Lion will be happy to provide moral support for maternal disapproval.
Dusk Comments: Or Dusk could just eat Lyim’s mom
Lyim Responds: I think Lyim’s conviction-minded enough to accept that. He wouldn’t usurp the Prince, but he might not be all sweetness and light by the time this is all over, either.
Lion Comments: Lion will be pretty adamant about things ending tolerably for the people of Skullstone. She is not so adamant about the PLACE.


Lyim discovered his calling with his circle, and after Skullstone has been freed, he returns to it. As Akeva would make the warmongers of Creation fear his letter, so it would come to be that the would-be bandits, pirates, and marauders of the world would look warily at the clouds, for fear that the shadow of Lyim’s skyship would descend upon them.

Lyim's End

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