Akeva's End

Back to the endings…


Akeva is going to make staenfoldt tell him if there are others being made like him. If there are, Akeva will break his legs and leave him to crawl. If there aren’t, Akeva will break his jaw and leave it at that. Akeva is going to make it clear if this is ever attempted again, he will attack all sidereals on sight until they grovel for forgiveness and stop.

ST Comments: Akeva was the only success story. Dressh was a former pit fighter under a different RD of his, but returned home a weary, older man. I do not think there were any others who Exalted as Infernals—Akeva exalting as a Dawn Caste was basically the success condition of this whole brutal exercise—so Staenfoldt…well…

He’ll try to nudge Akeva from time to time. He wanted to just bring back his friend, but centuries of living as a Sidereal mean that there’s just this impulse that of COURSE you know better. Ideally in the future Akeva won’t even realize it. Ideally…

Next, assuming Akeva either defeats Demon Sifu or loses, becomes his student, then succeeds and beats him the second go around—Before which akeva will prepare severely for, including asking the more demon-inclined to research about him, as well as himself learning Holy charms and stuff that let him take the inevitable punch, and also threatening Staen to teach him more powerful martial arts because he’s going there EITHER WAY—Akeva is going to disappear into retirement. He just wants a break, and wants to go to the ocean. He’ll first visit the friends he had when he was in Basilisk’s pit, then travel west until he gets to the ocean. There, he’ll relax. Dusk will probably be able to find him, as always.

Dreaming about the ocean was the last thing he did before he “died”, and so he wants to go there. Not as part of a group, but as having made the journey and found a place to rest.


Akeva is tired, tired, tired of war. He was on the bottom and he knows that war is essentially where somebody with power or money stand on stairs made of the necks of people who have less.

So after his vacation, and all of his mortal friends from the pits are dead, gone, and most likely buried by him (these were in my head, I never detailed them), whenever a war breaks out that gets to a certain size, Akeva sends a letter to each of the generals written in his plain handwriting that say “You have one week to cease all hostilities and get to diplomacy, or I will arrive.:”

And if they don’t follow his request, he appears and uses his athletics charms to systematically smash every single officer starting from the highest and then working his way down.

He doesn’t know how to be a diplomat, or a messiah, or a genius, or a hand in the shadows. He does know, however, that an angry Bronze Tiger over a century old will stop a conflict or make it so that only a few people can feasibly join.

Also, Akeva is going to learn to cook. For when his circle visits him.


Akeva's End

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